Co-working Office Spaces – In Trend and Viable

With changing business trends more and more workers are now moving from office-based businesses to explore mobile options. Operating from home, make shift offices, co-working facilities, managed offices, or public coffee shops, the possible options galore. But each option will come up with its own set of pros and cons.

Here is a comparison between all to help you weigh the benefits with the drawbacks and decide the scenario that takes your business to dizzy heights.

  • Public Coffee Shops: These are open for all public spaces that free to use. Typically open for long hours, they offer free Internet facility and comfortable environment. They come with an added advantage of ordering and eating whenever required. However, unreliable and slow Internet connection, no privacy and security and social disturbances kill the fun. Also one feels obligated to keep buying coffee and snacks.
  • Work From Home: Ones home provides the best environment and facilities for work. Fully customized as per need and access to all conveniences, it has no commuting fares and membership fees or additional expenses. But, distractions and attention towards other half-done home chores lead to unproductive hours.
  • Co-working Spaces: Co-working spaces are the latest and in trend options. They are designed and laid-out to give the perfect office feel. Reserved on bi-annual or annual membership, they give you the facilities of high-tech gadgets, quality networking, and professional venue and conference halls for meetings and get-togethers. However, they turn out to be the most expensive of the three options. Also, as it is open for all, people from different backgrounds and varied temperaments may join you for long.

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