Office Space Sharing- Do’s and Don’ts

Sharing office spaces comes with loads of positives. It is great for creativity, helps you cut cost and makes you social acceptable and friendly. Each parameter compliments your business, growing and taking it to new levels.

Having said this, office space sharing too comes with a flip side. Reduced privacy, increased incidents of workplace indecency, arguments and workplace tension; such incidents take the positives for a toss.

But following some simple steps and guidelines of dos and don’ts can help you enjoy a fruitful, productive and benefiting sharing experience.

Mentioned below are a few rules to follow:

  • Do be considerate. Respect the needs and requirements of your co-workers.
  • Do interact with people. One of the biggest plus of office sharing is a collaborative environment it provides. Try making it conducive for all.
  • Do customize your space. To be at your productive best you need a ‘feel good’ space for yourself. Customize and personalize your workstation without disturbing your co-workers.
  • Do sit together to chit-chat. While it depends upon the company policy, co-workers can always take a collective break during which you can chit-chat and laugh together without anyone getting disturbed.

While you do the above, be sure you don’t do the under mentioned:

  • Don’t be messy. This implies to both your workstation and the common sitting lounge. Taking good care of the property around bestows an overall positive feeling.
  • Don’t be loud. Watch your volume when you discuss personal and professional matters. While it is important that you don’t discuss personal matters during work hours, moving to a closed cabin or conference room to discuss professional matters is good.
  • Don’t just sit: When at your desk, work and only work. This not only creates a great impression, but also saves others from the distraction of you not working.

While these are just rules, abiding them is a matter of personal choice. Else you can move into office spaces that are distinct and separate in facilities. At Sugarcreek Executive Offices, we offer the finest office spaces in Sugarland, USA. Our office spaces are packed with top-notch facilities and are extremely affordable. Call us at 832-886-2800 for more details on how we can help you build a perfect office.

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