Things to look at before signing a lease of a commercial office space

In the current scenario, an ideal commercial office space at a perfect location like Sugar land is crucial for any business. So, there is no big surprise that many start-up and small businesses look for additional office spaces on rent or lease to minimize the costs for the expansion of current office space. Therefore, as a small business owner, it is essential for you to pay special attention to various lease terms before signing the agreement of an ideal office space in Houston, Sugar Land. Your perfect selection of an ideal office suite not only will affect daily operations of your business but it will also raise the morale of your office employees and the brand image of the company as well. So, it always makes sense to learn the tricks and common pitfalls before signing your commercial lease.

Let’s dig into the key things that you should consider before you start your search for a commercial office space:

Negotiate your office lease
According to many commercial experts, before signing a contract of an office lease, you should first figure out the total tenure of your lease agreement. A long-term contract for 5-10 year can provide better the flexibility to the companies to negotiate some of their lease terms like free parking facility, office furniture, and even a lower payment of rent for the whole lease term, and much more. It could be rather convenient and economical for an already established company to sign a long-term lease than a new or start-up company. While short-term lease can come in handy for small companies.

Flexibility to modify the lease terms
Before signing a lease of your desirable office suite, make sure there are some provisions of grace period in some unforeseen conditions when you may not able to pay the rent on time. Even if you are doing well in your business, you can face short of space in your leased accommodation due to an increase in your employees’ strength, and also find the need to switch to some spacious office unit. So, there should be some flexibility to terminate or change the lease term on an advance written notice. Usually, a longer lease term provides more leverage than a short-term or month-to-month office lease.

Confirm the type of your lease terms

Generally, there are two types of leases, i.e. Gross lease and Triple net lease.

A Gross lease is the standard rental lease agreement where you need to pay a fixed monthly rent beside taxes, fees, and other miscellaneous charges.

In a triple net lease, you have to pay the rent amount along with the incurred taxes, insurance amount, and any other general maintenance charges.

Whether you’re planning to set-up a new business or looking to expand your small office space in Houston, a thorough learning of various ins and outs of commercial leases can help you avoid overall financial and legal risks.

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